DuoScan™ Macro and Sub-Micron Raman Mapping

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Analyze without sample moving

The DuoScan™ technology allows the ultimate flexibility for Raman imaging, including easy sub-micron Raman imaging, adjustable laser spot sizes, and 100% coverage of a sample for macro-mapping.

The innovative DuoScan™ Imaging system extends the imaging capabilities of HORIBA Scientific’s Raman instruments from sub-micron to macro-scale mapping. Generating confocal images becomes faster, easier and more flexible, from the deep UV to the IR.


  • Laser beam moving
  • 30µm x 30µm with a 50X microscope objective.
  • Compatible with True Confocal microscope for high axial resolution.


If you want more information about Raman spectrosocpy, please visit our website on Raman Imaging and Spectrometers - HORIBA and on DuoScan™ Macro and Sub-Micron Raman Mapping - HORIBA

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