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SPRi-Biochip functionalized with CHO groups (cysteamine/glutaraldehyde) + anti-GST* layer (*glutathione S-transferase)

This 2D surface chemistry is adapted for the immobilization of GST tagged proteins. CTg surface chemistry consists in CO surface chemistry on which anti-GST antibodies are immobilized. GST-tagged ligands can be immobilized via the specific interaction between the GST protein and the anti-GST antibody.

Quantity: Set of 10

Dimensions: 25x12.5x9mm

Weight: 7.3g

Storage conditions: 4°C for 6 months

Shipment: Room Temperature

You can find on this product page a comparison table for the different available surface chemistries.


If you want more information about SPRI-Biochip or about OpenPleX, please visit our website Key Accessories. Sensorchips. Surface Chemistry - HORIBA and OpenPleX - HORIBA.

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