nanoGPS OxyO is easier to use than an interferometer !

Graph and images of nanoGPS OxyO in application with a microscope HORIBA

NanoGPS-OxyO is a position sensing solution with nm resolution and bidirectional repeatability, suitable for optical microscopes, and any vision system equipped with a camera and an objective. Each kit consists in a scale, and a software that interprets images into position with a nanometric precision, and orientation with 10µrad precision [1, 2].

Discover our solution for Optical Microscopy, Machine Vision and Electron Microscopy suitable for calibration, performance check, troubleshooting, and QA/QC on positioning systems used with microscopy or vision systems [3]:

  • Positioning accuracy assessment of motion systems.
  • Stability and reproducibility determination on motion systems /microscopy systems.
  • Transient and resonant phenomena in motion systems/microscopy systems.
  • Determination and correction of backlash in motion systems.
  • Alignment of camera and stage axis.
  • Automated determination of magnification.
  • Orthogonality control and correction between x and y stage axis.
  • Straightness of linear movements.
  • Automated zeroeing of a motion system.
  • Re- localized experiments.
  • Building a position encoder.
Screenshot of the OxyO Software
Screenshot of a sequence in the OxyO software