NanoGPS OxyO Performance specifications:

Table 1. Characteristics of the different scale for optical microscopy: size, measurement precision & accuracy, compatibility with lighting systems [1-2-3]

System requirement: 

  • Computer

    • Windows 10 and higher
Optical Imaging system requirement:
  • Camera:

    • sensor size > 1200pixel
    • Monochrome or Colour
  • Magnification:

    • OxyO-BKS-M16-BF
      • Magnification between 0,5x and 30x
    • Other models OxyO-xxx-E10-xx
      • Magnification range is typically 5x to 10x
      • This range can be determined in more detail as a function of the pixel size and number of pixels of the camera, as detailed in the table below:

Table 2. Compatibility of the xxx-E10xxx scales with optical magnification, as a function of the camera characteristics.

  • Illumination: 

    • All scales (except the -SEM dedicated to operation on Scanning Electron Microscope) are compatible with transmission illumination.
    • Scales with -BF extensions are also compatible with reflective illumination (Bright Field).
    • Scales with -DF extensions are also compatible with diffusive/ambient illumination (also named DarkField).

NanoGPS OxyO Software:

Getting the data from the camera 

  • From folder
Previously recorded images situated in the same folder  (.tiff, .bmp or .png format).

  • From ROI
Real-time image supplied by the camera to the computer screen.

Data representation and treatment

Saving Data for separate treatment