HORIBA is leader company in optics, with more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality masters or diffraction gratings replicas, in high volume, with constant performances, for Industrial and scientific applications.

Our Diffraction gratings are produced by holographic or mechanical ruling processes, from standard master gratings, with more than 500 references, or can be customized to offer different sizes, grooves densities, substrates, coatings based on your technical requirements.

Plane Diffraction grating       

Plane diffraction gratings are typically recommended for applications requiring high resolution, high efficiency, and covering a spectral range from UV to IR such as spectroscopic instrumentation using Czerny Turner architecture.

Plane diffraction gratings can be produced by ruling machine or Holographic processes. For some applications, Ion etched processes can be implemented to improve grooves shapes (from sinusoidal profile to Triangular or Laminar profile) and increase efficiency drastically.

Concave Diffraction grating

Concave diffraction gratings are typically recommended for applications requiring low or very low stray light while allowing compact design for spectrometers or monochromators.

We can propose different type of concave Holographic gratings: Type I and Type IV.

Type IV concave Holographic gratings are the most popular, based on HORIBA patent, having aberration corrections to maximize application use. Applications requesting flat field surface with linear or 2D array detectors are the main focus.