Holographic Plane - 450-850nm - 50X50X10mm - 1800gr/mm #52019320

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Plane Holographic diffraction grating are typically recommended for applications requiring a good efficiency with extremely low stray light on a wide spectral range from UV to NIR.

Grooves density (gr/mm) 1800 gr/mm
Spectral Range (nm) 450-850 nm
Size (mm) 50X50X10 mm
Reference 520 19 320


This grating is in stock/ Typical delivery is 3-4 days. Based on quantities requested and stock level, the delivery time will be confirmed at order reception.

Typical Design Integration:

For customers in need of larger dimensions, HORIBA can record a custom-made holographic grating master specifically for replication.

If you want more information about Holographic Plane please visit our website on Holographic plane gratings - HORIBA

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