Ellipsometry Advanced Modeling Techniques Training

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Training courses are conducted in English (except for ICP1 to ICP4 in French).

All trainings are held in France on HORIBA sites in Palaiseau or Lille.

Reference: ELL2

Duration: 2 days + 1 day optional

Date: Contact us using Request Quote.

Who should attend: For dvanced users with an Uvisel Series or an Uvisel Plus. A level of knowledge equivalent to Level ELL1 is required.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the technique and equipment.

Certification: A diploma is delivered at the end of the course.

Learning method: Presentation of the theoretical part; practical work on the instrument.

Course language: English.


This training course target advanced users, with a level of knowledge equivalent to ELL1. Attendees should have at least some ellipsometry experience and skill with DeltaPsi2 software.

  • Provides a good practice of modeling methods used for the characterization of complex structures such as: unknown materials, ultra thin films, anisotropic samples, limited backside reflection parameterization, etc. Customers are invited to bring samples

Day 1: Practical Session of Non-ideal Samples: Measurements and Modeling

  • Review of theory.
  • Analysis of gradient layer.
  • Analysis of thick films >2µm.
  • Non-uniform thicknesses.
  • Study of depolarizing sample.

Day 2:  Practical Session of Non-ideal Samples

  • Analysis of combined ellipsometric and transmission data for thin metallic films sample.
  • Anisotropy: learn how to identify the axis orientation to run appropriate measurements for modeling.
  • Instrument calibration and troubleshooting.

Day 3 (optional): Practice session - Customer samples

In addition to standard training courses, we can offer tailor-made " A la Carte Training " depending on the needs and wishes of your organization.

Our trainers are experts in each technique. They will provide trainings advice and guidance to make the most of your HORIBA Scientific instrument. You will gain confidence and experience in the analysis of your samples.

To get the entire program and to get registered, please contact us at training.hfr@horiba.com

Certificates are given to every attendee for every course. All trainings are held in France or at your location and are conducted in English.

Attendance fee: For courses taking place at our offices, the course price includes course materials, lunch, and refreshments. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Deadline: We accept registrations until 4 weeks before the course begins.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 4 weeks prior to a course start date will be accepted with a 100% refund of the course fee. Cancellations received within 4 weeks of a course start date will receive only a 50% refund of the course fee. No refund will be given with less notice; however we could schedule another date according to HORIBA France training planning.
We also reserve the right to cancel a course if the number of registrants not exceed a required minimum. Cancellation notices will be sent out no later than three weeks prior to the course.
A full refund of the course fee will be provided in that case. HORIBA France SAS  will not be held responsible for costs incurred due cancellation of the training course prior or on the cancellation deadline. We discourage the purchase of non-refundable tickets if airfare is required.

If you want more information about Spectrosocpic Ellipsometry, please visit our website on Spectroscopic ellipsometry - HORIBA and UVISEL Plus - HORIBA

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