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Sealed Cell for the Characterization of Thin Films under Non-Air Ambient Conditions

The Sealed Cell has been designed for ellipsometric characterization of materials that are either sensitive to air or moisture or for experiments to study the effect of vapours / gases on material layers.

The Cell provides a completely sealed environment preventing ingress of air during measurement. A flow system is integrated with the design to allow introduction of gases or vapours into the cell. The sample is placed within the cell and the ellipsometer light beam passes through the two fused UV silica windows mounted at 60° on each side of the cell. A top window enables sample alignment.

The Cell is manufactured from PTFE and all components of the cell can be easily removed and cleaned.

The Cell is designed to mount samples of up to 50mm x 50mm, and allows translation of up to 10mm x 10mm for mapping purposes when the sample is placed inside.


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