Electrochemical cell

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Electrochemical Cell to Study Electrochemical Processes

The electrochemical cell has been designed by HORIBA Jobin Yvon for the study of electrochemical processes using UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer.

Optical access to the sample is made via 3 fused silica windows. Two of the windows are mounted at 70º to normal for ellipsometry access, and the third port allows the user to observe the sample inside the cell. The cell body that comes into contact with the sample is manufactured from PVC, and the sample holder is manufactured from PTFE to avoid any interaction with the medium.

The cell volume is 43 ml, and comprises an Ag/AgCl reference electrode and a platinum counter electrode. Electrical contacts are provided by robust, high integrity feedthroughs.


If you want more information about Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, please visit our website on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry - HORIBA and on UVISEL Plus - HORIBA

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