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Liquid Cell For Solid and Solid/Liquid Experiments

1 Angle of Incidence at 70°.

The liquid cell is designed to provide easy set-up and clean-up for any liquid and solid/liquid experiments using HORIBA Scientific spectroscopic ellipsometers.

The liquid cell consists of a 30mm (L) x 30mm (W) x13mm (H) cuvette made of stainless steel, PEEK polymer. It comprises two fused UV silica windows mounted at 70° allowing the light to pass through for the investigation of solid/liquid interfaces. It supports samples up to 4 mm thick and requires 12 ml of liquid for solid/liquid experiments.

The choice of materials and the design of the cell allows complete disassembly so that the cell can be thoroughly cleaned, eliminating cross contamination when it is used for different experiments.

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