Absorption Accessory

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The absorption accessory makes the QuantaMaster™ fluorometer much more versatile and user friendly. It eliminates the need for a separate and often expensive UV-VIS spectrophotometer.


  • Sample Holder: 10 x 10 mm cuvette holder
  • Minimum Absorbance: 0.005
  • Maximum Absorbance: 3.00
  • Mode of Operation: Single beam

The QuantaMaster™ fluorometers have been recognized for their high sensitivity and the ability to adapt to various applications due to their modular design. The addition of the simple absorption accessory enhances the performance and versatility of the instrument even more.

In many fluorescence experiments it is necessary to know the absorption properties of the sample. The ABS-ACC absorption accessory fits directly into a cuvette sample holder and enables the user to measure the absorption spectrum or check the optical density of the sample without reconfiguring the QuantaMaster™ fluorometer.

Absorption measurements are complementary to fluorescence. They are necessary for fluorescence quantum yield determination and more accurate results are usually obtained by using the same optical path for both fluorescence and absorption measurements. The ability to check the optical density during a fluorescence experiment makes it easy to avoid inner filter effects. By comparing the absorption and excitation spectra one can draw conclusions about the purity of the sample.

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