MicroMax 384 Microwell-Plate Reader #5500450069

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The MicroMax 384 is a microwell-plate reader able to accept plates with up to 384 wells, and connect to FluoroMax® or FluoroLog® spectrofluorometers.

MicroMax 384's high speed allows it to scan completely a 96-microwell plate in less than one minute. By moving the microwell plate through stationary optics, the MicroMax 384 insures high sensitivity, excellent accuracy, and high reproducibility.

Light from the excitation and emission monochromators is carried via a fiber-optic bundle to and from the MicroMax 384, thus the user may scan with the main spectrofluorometer and select any excitation and emission wavelength pair for intensity measurements.


If you want more information about MicroMax 384 please visit our website on MicroMax 384 Microwell-Plate Reader - HORIBA

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