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Quantum yield is one of the most important parameters that characterize photoluminescence of materials. Photoluminescence Quantum Yield (PLQY) measurements are critical for a broad range of applications, including new material development, photovoltaics and the development of new fluorescence probes. With thousands of PLQY citations  around the world, HORIBA has long been recognized for its superior quality of PLQY performance for the most demanding applications.

The QuantaPhi-2 is a new internal photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) and CIE measurement accessory for compatible HORIBA fluorescence spectrometers. Compatible HORIBA fluorescence systems include the following:

  • Fluorolog-QM modular research spectrofluorometer
  • Nanolog modular research spectrofluorometer
  • FluoroMax Plus bench top research spectrofluorometer

This sample tray accessory includes an all-reflective sphere into which a sample is placed. The measurement of the sample, and of a non-fluorescent blank, allows for the direct measurement of the quantum yield of a solid, powder or solution sample.

Combined with our highest sensitivity and flexible spectrofluorometers, and their simple-to-use, dedicated QY and colorimetry software, the QuantaPhi-2 provides a high quality, simple and absolute PLQY solution. The quantum yield of a molecule or material is defined as the number of photons emitted as a fraction of the number of photons absorbed. This characteristic property of a fluorophore or fluorescent molecule, is very important for understanding molecular behavior and optimization for many key materials.

QuantaPhi-2 features a large, 121 mm internal diameter Spectralon® integrating sphere with excellent reflectivity from 250 to 2500 nm. This is an internal slide-in, tray-mounted integrating sphere with two excitation, and two emission ports.

The QuantaPhi-2 also includes a center-mounted 10 mm cuvette sample holder for PLQY studies of samples in solution.

 If you want more information about QuantaPhi-2 please visit our website on QuantaPhi-2 - HORIBA.

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