Correlative microscopy LS6-navYX for instant relocalization of Points of Interest (POI) #1300103939

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Fast and easy-to-use application to relocate POI of a sample on HORIBA microscope (Raman & CLUE series) thanks to the use of a nanoGPS sample tag affixed to the sample or its holder.

Fully integrated in LabSpec 6, this app allows automatic 7 points calibration with nanoGPS calibration tag , instant recording of POI ("save to POI"), displays the POI detailed information (instrument and objective used, date, user, comments...), and a thumbnail picture of the POI environment for fast recognition.


Note: Sample and calibration nanoGPS tags are sold separately.

If you want more information about raman spectroscopy, please visit our website on Raman Imaging and Spectrometers - HORIBA 

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