Set of 2 Quality Control Standards for AA & ICP, 125 mL #1100110227

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Assurance® Grade Set of 2 Quality Control Standards for AA & ICP, 125 mL

Part #: QC-SETB

SAP Reference: 1100110227

Matrix: Multiple

Volume: 125 mL

Units/Pack: 1

Expiration: 365 Days / 12 Months

Storage Condition: Ambient

Assurance® Mixed Multi-Element Standards for AA & ICP

Standards may be diluted in the same matrix as specified; however, caution must be exercised in the choice of the source for your diluents. Diluting the matrix may cause some standards to precipitate. Also, an impure or unknown diluent turns your standard into an unknown. We recommend using only SPEX CertiPrep Matrix Blanks when diluting your standards.

Quality Control Standards

Quality Control Standards are used to check the standard curve, the procedure for inter-element correction and other spectral interferences. These standards are carried through the entire analytical operation of the method. If the determined concentration is not within +/- 5% of 1 µg/mL, the laboratory performance is unacceptable. The source of the problem should be identified and corrected before continuing the analysis.

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