Holographic Concave Type IV Blazed - 450nm - 25mm - 1200gr/mm - 104.66mm #53200572

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Type IV aberration-corrected flat field and imaging gratings are designed to focus a spectrum onto a plane surface, making them ideal for use with linear or 2-D array detectors.

These gratings are produced with grooves that are neither equi-spaced nor parallel, and are computer optimized to form near-perfect images of the entrance slit on the detector plane.

Such gratings are available with ion etched profile for extremely high efficiency (fluorescence) and with sinusoidal profile for applications requesting less low stray light (absorbance). 

Spectral Range (nm) 350 - 850 nm
Dispersion (nm/mm) 7 nm/mm
Distance entrance slit (mm) LA 105 mm
F/#  2.5
Grooves density (gr/mm) 1200 gr/mm
Blaze Wavelength (nm) 450 nm
Diameter (mm) 25 mm
Deviation (°) 34.7°
Concave radius (mm) 104.66 mm
Application Monochromator
Reference 532 00 572


This grating is in stock/ Typical delivery is 3-4 days. Based on quantities requested and stock level, the delivery time will be confirmed at order reception.

    For customers in need of larger dimensions or different shape, HORIBA can record a custom-made holographic grating master specifically for replication.

    Typical Design Integration:

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