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XD-100 particle disperser for dry powder and granular material: standard model. Sold as a stand alone device.

Powder dispersion made easy!

  • Uniform particles dispersion in a simple and intuitive operation
  • A high degree of dispersion that is impossible manually
  • Ideal sample preparation for challenging particle analysis with micro Raman, micro XRF, SEM or other microscopic techniques

Dispersion method: in-chamber spray method using differential pressure.


  • Maximum ultimate vacuum: 5 kPa
  • Arrival time : Within 2 minutes
  • Vacuum holding : Within 1 kPa (1 minute after the pump is stopped).


  • Chamber: 120(W) x 120(D) x 302(H) mm *
  • Control box: 210(W) x 298(D) x 308(H) mm *

* It doesn't include protrusions

Mass Weight:

  • Chamber: around 3 kg
  • Control box : around 10 kg

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