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Small Volume Circulation System

Minimize sample and dispersant volume requirements with all the convenience of a fully-automated circulation system. This accessory for the Partica LA-960V2 has a measurement range of 0.01~1000 µm and has a measurement time of approximately 60 seconds from filling and measurement to rinsing.

Require Standard Flow cell for Miniflow #3200090356.


Quick, Accurate Operation

The navigation function documents the automatic measurement procedure.

High Performance without Compromise

The software controls all sequences such as fill, rinse and drain just like the normal flow system. No manual operation is required! Exchange the MiniFlow system with the regular flow cell in seconds, without any tools.

Easy Maintenance

The measurement cell is easily removed for cleaning.

Unique Features:

  • Minimizes sample dispersant volume requirements
  • Permits use of any organic solvent
  • Built-in ultrasonic probe available for dispersing agglomerated materials
  • Auto-fill pump and auto-drain are standard features
  • Normal operation from the PC software
  • LA-960 Method Expert software compatible

Potential Applications:

  • Limited or precious sample applications.
  • Any sample requiring organic solvent dispersion.
  • Oil dispersions of pigments, polymers and resin products.
  • Sample handling systems to minimize operator exposure.
  • Minimize hazardous solvent use to limit waste disposal.
If you want more information about Particle Characterization, please visit our website on Partica LA-960V2 - HORIBA and on Particle Characterization.

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