FILT-Kit #1300091729

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Optional items for µplastics analysis

Complete filtration apparatus which includes:
- 13mm Glass Microanalysis Holder (containing 125ml flask, funnel, stopper and a clamp);
- Borosilicate Glass Filter Flask, 1 L with Side Arm;
- Rocker 410, Oil Free Vacuum Pump
- 8mm ID x 14 mm OD Silicone Vacuum Tubing, 2 meters
- bag of 100 pieces of circular gasket (0,2 mm thick, external diameter 25mm) 


Compatible with XploRA™ and LabRAM Soleil™. 

You could have more information about Microplastics on HORIBA Scientific Introduces the Solution for Microplastics Analysis - HORIBA and on Where do microplastics come from? (

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