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SPRi-Slide functionalized with CHO groups (cysteamine/glutaraldehyde)

CO SPRi-Slide is based on self-assembled monolayers chemistry. This 2D surface chemistry is ideal for direct coupling and is adapted to many molecules (Oligonucleotide, nucleic acid, peptide, protein, antibody, polymer, small molecule).  CO chemistry is suitable for immobilizing molecules with an amine function (NH2 group). The immobilization principle is based on the high affinity of sulphur atoms (present in cystamine) on gold, and the reactions between free amine molecules from proteins (or peptides) and aldehyde molecules (present in Glutaraldehyde). In this process, imine links or Schiff’s bases are formed. The link between cystamine and glutaraldehyde is also an imine.

Set of 10

Dimensions: 28x12.5x0.5mm

Weight: 0.5g

Storage conditions: 4°C for 6 months

Shipment: Room Temperature

You can find on this product page a comparison table for the different available surface chemistries


If you want more information about SPRI-Slides or about OpenPleX, please visit our website Key Accessories. Sensorchips. Surface Chemistry - HORIBA and OpenPleX - HORIBA.

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