LabRAM HR Electronics Upgrade

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LabRAM HR Electronics Upgrade: A new lease of life for your instrument.

Take advantage of the latest innovations in Raman Microscopy

You have acquired a LabRAM HR several years ago and you are satisfied with its performance.

You can now take advantage of the latest technological developments by upgrading your system at an affordable price, directly in your laboratory. 

We propose to give your LabRAM HR a new lease of life by changing the electronics.

This change allows you to upgrade to WIN10, to acquire the latest generation of cameras, detectors or high-precision XY stage as well as Labspec6 with powerful apps.

With this Upgrade, you can choose the updated options:

  • Windows 10 PC.
  • USB3 camera 5 Megapixel.
  • LabSpec 6 with powerful apps.
  • High-precision XY motorized stage.
  • USB-controlled new generation CCDs.
  • Easy on-site upgrade.

The differents Packages:

Several packages are available to suit your requirements and your budget.

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

  • Electronics
  • Win 10 PC
  • LabSpec 6
  • USB3 Camera
  • Motorized video beam splitter

Pack 3:

  • Electronics
  • Win 10 PC
  • LabSpec 6
  • XY stage with free NavSharp licence

Pack 4:


XY motorized stage: 

0.05 µm step XY that enables SwiftTM fast confocal Raman imaging that is typically up to 20 times faster than the conventional point by point mapping of other systems.

Conventional sample scanning using XY encoded motorized stages.

Stops at every position for spectral acquisition (point-by-point mapping.

LabSpec 6:

Enjoy a wonderful User eXperience with the unique features of Labspec 6 imaging and spectroscopy software! Discover our brand new apps!

USB3 camera 5 Megapixels

High-resolution CMOS color sensor with large active area.

USB new generation CCDS

Extensive choice of spectral ranges designed to fit with your application.

If you want more information about LabSpec 6 or Raman Spectroscopy please visit our website on Raman Imaging and Spectrometers - HORIBALabspec 6 - HORIBA and LabRAM HR Evolution - HORIBA.

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