Paste Cell Holder "High Concentration/Low Viscosity" #3200748699

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This accessory for the Partica LA-960V2 allows for measurement of high concentration, low viscosity samples. Understand the particle dispersion state of high concentration slurry, such as positive and negative electrode materials of secondary batteries, inks, paints, pigments, emulsions, etc.


The high concentration cell unit allows measurement closer to original concentration with low dilution rates, without dilution and variable concentration.

  • Measure without dilution: Inks, paints, pigments, emulsions
  • Positive and negative electrode materials of secondary batteries etc.
  • Observe changes in the agglomeration state based on concentration etc.
  • Agglomerated was found when a battery was measured near to original concentration

Comparison of the results of undiluted suspension measurement and flow measurement (diluted with dispersant).

If you want more information about Particle Characterization, please visit our website on Partica LA-960V2 - HORIBA and on Particle Characterization.

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