Imaging Unit Accessory LY-9610 #3200856810

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Observe particles in real time as they circulate in the Partica LA-960V2 wet system. Better understand dispersions and extract image based shape and size information to complement laser diffraction results. The small integrated unit fits neatly inside the Partica LA-960V2 without increasing the instrument footprint.

Measurement range 9 - 1000 µm.

Trend curves (including D10 D50 D90) in real time with shape parameters:

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Width
  • Xc_min
  • XFe_max
  • Aspect ratio
  • Circularity
  • Convexity

Raw data extraction, filters and trigger, PDF report, image saving. 

Require : Adapter Kit for Imaging accessory includes top cover and holder LY-9610 to fit previous models LA-960V1&2 (Date of manufacturig <2020) and LA-950V2 #3300851173.



  • Detect and count even with trace amounts of unusual particles (Contaminants, large particles and aggregated particles).
  • Detect bubbles in wet circulation system.
  • Improved understanding of sample dispersion (effect of stirring, sonication, addition of surfactants, stabilizers, etc.).


  • Image acquisition and particle detection.
  • Automatic detection of large particles.
  • Automatic detection of bubbles.
  • Real time trend graph and histogram of equivalent circular diameter and shape distribution (aspect ratio, roundness, length, width).

If you want more information about Particle Characterization, please visit our website on Partica LA-960V2 - HORIBA and on Particle Characterization.

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