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The MultiWell module offers an interface for high throughput screening using well plates, microtitre plates, and other regularly arrayed sampling devices. It makes the use of Raman spectroscopy possible in laboratories where sample throughput is a top priority.


This app requires the latest version of LabSpec 6. If you do not already own LabSpec6, please contact us to check your system compatibility with LabSpec 6.
After your purchase, you will be contacted by our service team for a free upgrade of LabSpec6 to the latest available version, if needed. Special hardware requirements, please contact us to check your instrument compatibility.

Conditions of use

  • App usable on a single PC.
  • Can be transferred to another PC via HFR.
  • Permanent license.
  • Free updates in LabSpec6.

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If you have any further questions, please contact us using our contact us form available here : Contact us.


HORIBA Raman systems are fully compatible with high throughput screening experiments using well plates, micro-titre plates and other regularly arrayed sampling devices using the LabSpec 6 MultiWell module.

Such experiments allow the known advantages of Raman spectroscopy (i.e., non-destructive, detailed chemical analysis, including insight into crystallinity, polymorphism and stress/strain) to be successfully integrated into industrial laboratory environments where sample throughput remains a top priority.

Downloadable application only.

If you want more information about Raman Spectroscopy, please visit our website on Raman Imaging and Spectrometers - HORIBA

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