SmartSampling: To speed-up your Raman analysis #1300101349

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SmartSampling™ decreases map times by 2 orders of magnitude! It acquires the most contributive parts of the image first, provides an image of even low scattering samples right away, and continuously improves to allow the user to stop the acquisition anytime, as soon as image quality is good enough. 


This app requires the latest version of LabSpec 6.
After your purchase, you will be contacted by our service team for a free upgrade of LabSpec6 to the latest available version, if needed.

Conditions of use:

  • App usable on a PC.
  • Can be transferred to another PC via HFR.
  • Permanent license.
  • Free updates in LabSpec6.


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SmartSamplingTM is HORIBA’s ultimate tool for Raman Imaging. It offers incredible
acquisition performance for high-resolution images, even for weak scatterers, in a
the fraction of the time required for standard maps.

SmartSamplingTM technology uses an adaptative mapping step size
approach to highlight the smallest microscopic details on the surface of
your sample.

Its user-friendly and intuitive approach, SmartSamplingTM supports you to make
the most accurate and efficient Raman analysis. It intelligently combines precision
and speed.

Use SmartSamplingTM for:

  • High-resolution Raman images, with the best quality for a given time
  • Large samples even with very small details

Downloadable application only.

SAP Reference: 1300101349

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