ViewSharp: for a topographic Raman image #1300032722

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ViewSharpTM constructs an image in which all surfaces are in focus
simultaneously, and creates a 3D topography image. ViewSharpTM
guarantees the highest focal quality in Raman images, including the
topography image, for a unique 3D chemical visualization of the sample.
There is no longer a need to do an automatic focus point by point, making
it faster than ever!


This app requires the latest version of LabSpec 6. If you do not already own LabSpec6, please contact us to check you system compatibility with LabSpec 6.
After your purchase, you will be contacted by our service team for a free upgrade of LabSpec6 to the latest available version, if needed.
Special hardware requirements, please contact us to check your instrument compatibility.

Conditions of use

  • App usable on a single PC.
  • Can be transferred to another PC via HFR.
  • Permanent license.
  • Free updates in LabSpec6.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, please contact us using our contact us form available here: Contact us.


ViewSharp provides a clear view of all of the sample’s surfaces in the field of view. The topography is extracted and then used during the Raman acquisition. The Raman signal measurements are performed point by point with Raman spectra acquired at every point.

  • Get instant sample topography
  • Acquire the highest quality, in Focus Raman images
  • Just turn it on, and surf the surface

ViewSharpTM application is included in the groundbreaking EasyNavTM package.

ViewSharp Module - AutoFocus at any points module of the live video or LabSpec 6
x1 (one) license.

Downloadable application only.

SAP Reference: 1300032722

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