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The SPRi-Slide is a high index slide covered with a thin gold layer, which can be combined with a glass prism with the help of a high index matching liquid and be used in a SPRi experiment as a substitute for the SPRi-Biochip. These slides are usually used when SPRi is coupled to another technique because Slides are easily handling than SPRi-Biochips.

Thiolated molecules can be immobilized directly on gold surface with an automated or manual spotter. This sensorchip can also be used to design your own surface chemistry.

SAP Reference: 1137027069

Set of 10

Dimensions: 28x12.5x0.5mm

Weight: 0.5g

Storage conditions: Room temperature for 12 months

Shipment: Room Temperature

If you want more information about SPRI-Slides or about OpenPleX, please visit our website Key Accessories. Sensorchips. Surface Chemistry - HORIBA and OpenPleX - HORIBA.

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